Funny Story - How to Kill the Ghost in My Garage

Funny Story - How to Kill the Ghost in My Garage

There are different reasons for various garage door issues.

I recently called a company that offered residential garage door repairs to eliminate unwanted spirits in my garage. I knew exactly what it was because the door would go up a little, stop go back down and up again. These most peculiar movements proved there was a ghost inside and I wanted to know how to get rid of it.

Probing deeper into the issue I discovered the door was fully opening at will. I had watched several ghost stories and was convinced that was the problem. Trying everything I learned from those episodes, like talking to the unseen beings- to hiring someone to cleanse it- just hadn't worked.  Now it was the serviceman's job to kill it or get rid of it.

He began inspecting each part and asked me a few questions I didn't think were relevant

He claimed to have experienced a similar phenomenon a few years earlier. It is often called a phantom operation he said.  Those words really got me going, it was confirmation!

He began explaining there are a few predictable reasons for this occurring, like electrocuted door opener sensors or human error- but that didn't deter me. He said the most likely is, of course, the electrical interference from a storm surge.

There is one other possible contributor according to him. This house is very close to a military base. Equipment of that caliber may use the same frequency triggering the irregular movements. The best solution in his opinion was to replace the overhead door opener with an upgrade that is approved by my insurance company.

He completed the installation with a high quality opener and a new Intellicode remote. I am very happy but I had the feeling the spirits were still there. I only hope they are friendly.

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