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What determines the longevity of the garage door?

Garage doors will last long if they are maintained regularly, lubricated properly and broken parts are replaced immediately. Damages must be repaired right away and problems must be solved fast but their longevity will also depend on the quality of materials and the right choice of garage door openers and all components.

What are the benefits of composite garage doors?

Due to the processing of composite garage doors and the fact that are made with recycled wood fibers and resins, these materials are very resistant to termites, moisture and time. They don't need frequent maintenance and they can still be insulated and strong while they'll give the impression that you have wood doors.

Will a door opener system work for a low ceiling garage?

A residential garage door typically requires a 4 ½ inches headroom space. If you have a low ceiling, you may need a track system for low headroom. However, if you want to install an opener, you may need more headroom, measuring around 6 ½ inches.

What should you do if your remote is lost or stolen?

The remote control for your door opener is comparable to a key. If you misplace or lose it, you have to exercise caution and have your door opener code changed. If you cannot immediately change the code, cover the sensor to prevent the person who may have obtained the remote from opening your garage.

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