Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

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Similar to your car, your garage doors as well as your garage door openers need regular maintenance checkups. It is essential that you schedule regular checkups from time to time to ensure that they are in perfect running order. With age comes wear and tear. So when your doors or door openers reach a certain amount of usage, they become more susceptible to breaking down. But with expert maintenance care, your doors will definitely be able to last longer. Moreover, you will be able to sleep well at night knowing that your home is well protected. So make sure to call us and we will make sure that someone attends to you immediately.

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Cable Replacement Right on Time

My overhead garage door was making awful scraping sounds even though I have always been really strict about providing lubrication maintenance. I called Garage Door Repair Englewood for help because the company was recommended to me by a coworker. I got a same-day appointment and this was absolutely fantastic. The technicians provided full inspection and discovered that the garage door cables have got seriously worn-out. They provided swift replacement with matching cables and the problem was gone. I was impressed with the speed of the service and with the quality of the spare parts. I would certainly hire these guys again.

The Fastest Opener Fix

I got really frustrated when my garage door opener stopped moving the door one morning. The motor was running, but the drive belt would not move. I contacted this emergency company for help and they came to me quite quickly. I was really pleasantly surprised with this. The crew discovered that a moving gear got broken and replaced it with a matching new part perfectly. The opener was up and running again in no time. I want to thank Garage Door Repair Englewood for the amazingly speedy problem resolution. They know what they are doing and come prepared too.


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